Ngā Kākano is very pleased and excited to now offer Mirimiri to the community. We have 3 facilitators who use traditional rongoā to make their own products which are used in their treatments.

Traditional Māori healers (Tohunga) used MiriMiri as a means of healing injuries, releasing old tensions, and balancing bodily function. It is thought that pain can be indicative of unresolved historic; past or current issues and not necessarily clinical. Our facilitators are excited to offer this traditional healing to the community.

A self-referral for this service can be completed at  An appointment will then be organised for you. 

The Mirimiri clinic operates on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am – 12pm.  This service is for enrolled patients and clients of Ngā Kākano only.


Early intervention and prevention mental health services is recovery oriented, community based whānau approach to assessment, treatment and therapy for those experiencing mental health issues. Specific needs may be complex and include co-existing illness or issues and may require brief interventions for relapse and follow up.  This service is accessible and available for all members of the whānau inclusive of pēpi, tamariki, taiohi, pākeke and kaumātua.

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