Ngā Kākano wants every mokopuna (baby and child) to have the best start in life.

Ngā Kākano nurses and kaiāwhina can visit you in your home, at the marae, Kōhanga Reo/ Early Childcare Center, you can come to the Ngā Kākano clinic, or we can come to your workplace or wherever you feel comfortable.


Tamariki Ora provides well child services for pēpi from 4-6 weeks to 5 years of age. This service provides support and advice on health related issues and regular health checks in your home, Kōhanga Reo/ Early Childcare Center, at Ngā Kākano or wherever you feel comfortable. It is a free service. Your midwife can refer you or you can enrol at any time.
Enrol here [Direct to referral #ORF3 fill-able form]

The Tamariki Ora Well Child service will:
•   provide you with the knowledge and skills to respond to your child’s needs at the different stages of
    their development
•   provide reassurance that your child is developing normally, through growth and development
    assessments/ health core checks
•   inform you about, and provide immunisations
•   support and help you to identify your needs as a parent or whānau
•   link you with community and other services including wider Ngā Kākano services that can assist
    you and your whānau further.

“My older son received health checks and support from Ngā Kākano when he was a baby, and now our little one is part of Tamariki Ora. I appreciate how the Ngā Kākano Tamariki Ora nurses treat me like family, always welcoming and ready to help”

Māma Emma and baby Isiah


These checks include 17 core health checks, as well as a GP check at 6 weeks, from 4-6 weeks
to 5 years. They are all free.

Click here to find out more about what each check is about.


Please bring with you the Well Child Health Book you received when baby was born.

Produced by the Ministry of Health, this book has heaps of useful information and provides an ongoing health and immunisation record for your child. Keep the book somewhere safe and bring it with you every time you take your child to a health or Tamariki Ora appointment.

Ngā Kākano can provide replacements, if you lose your book or you can order or download a copy here.

For further tamariki and parenting resources click here.



Māmā Maia support Mums with breastfeeding. It should not be difficult or painful, we are here to help and support. We welcome the  involvement of partners and whānau as their support can be vital to breastfeeding success.

Ngā Kākano provides one on one support from other mothers as well as advice from a lactation consultant. Home visits and clinics are available. You are also able to join the FB Ngā Kākano Breastfeeding Online Community. This is a free service if you live in the Western Bay of Plenty. There is priority for Māori and high needs clients who face barriers to receiving adequate

We work in collaboration with a range of other providers and organisations such as BOPDHB Maternity and Public Health, Pirirakau Hauora, Plunket, Womb Midwifery care, La Leche League, midwives and Empowerment.

Check out our Māmā Maia page

For breastfeeding and feeding your baby resources click here.


IMMUNISATION SERVICE (Including Outreach Service)

Our service provides immunisations to children aged from 0-5 years at Ngā Kākano or other locations including at home. In particular we help tamariki who have fallen behind with scheduled vaccinations, and make a significant effort to trace and follow up referrals from GPs and practice nurses. A strong objective of our service is to link families back into other primary health services, including those provided by Ngā Kākano.

Our staff includes an immunisation co-ordinator and a registered nurse/vaccinator. We are a mobile service, working and travelling throughout the community two days a week. This is a free service for whānau living in Te Puke and surrounding areas.

“I especially like that Tamariki Ora provide the option of receiving immunisations in the comfort of your home. It’s more comfortable for me and my baby”

Māmā Anahera, Pāpā Jayden and baby Carter


This is a free support service for whānau with pēpi and tamariki under five years of age who may be delayed in meeting some of their milestones. We provide whānau advocacy and support, pregnancy care and information, and a booster nutrition and a strength-based Kaupapa Māori playgroup programme to support your little one to thrive and support a positive future.

Our team includes a clinical psychologist, Māmā support group and advisory pediatrician, pediatric nurse and child neurosurgeon. This is a free service for whānau living in Te Puke and surrounding areas. There is priority for Māori and high needs clients who face barriers to receiving adequate service.



The Service provides:
•   Health education and awareness about alcohol and other drugs
•   Māori based activities
•   One on one awhi and manaakitanga
•   Alcohol and other drugs assessments as appropriate
•   Referrals to Residential services (if needed)
•   Support and more information for whānau
•   Support and more information for schools.

Service Aims:
Te Whakaoho o Te Mauri a Tamariki/Rangatahi is for tamariki/rangatahi who may be at risk of developing alcohol and other drug problems. We provide alcohol and drug education within a tikanga framework.
This programme will empower tamariki and rangatahi (Youth) to:
•   Build identity and confidence
•   Understand whānau principles and values
•   Grow knowledge to increase positive development for safe and healthy lifestyle choices and  

Entry Criteria:
•   Age 10-25 years male/female
•   Have an alcohol or drug problem, or
•   Be at risk of developing alcohol and other drug problems

Transport is provided. Tamariki and rangatahi must be registered by caregivers/parents and have a
consent form. Referrals from community, schools, whānau and other agencies are welcome.



This program is strength based and provides a holistic framework to support:
•   Mauri Ora (Māori identity, te reo Māori and wellbeing)
•   Waiora (protecting our environment)
•   Toiora (healthy lifestyles)
•   Te Oranga (the power of opening doors and participation) and
•   Ngā Manakura (leadership)
•   Te Mana Whakahaere (ownership and self-motivation).

The cultural activities strengthen resilience, stress-management, strategies to reduce anxiety, and behavioral issues. Te Hā o Te Tamaiti aims to nurture, identify and develop the aspirations of tamariki and rangatahi. The program is delivered every Wednesday after school from 3.30 – 4.30pm (during
term). Parents and teachers will be notified of any changes that are made. Ngā Kākano provides transport to pick up and drop off.

Entry Criteria:
•   Age Groups are from 8 – 16 years male/female
•   Must be registered and have a consent signed form by
    parents/caregivers to attend the programme
•   Ngā Kākano will accept whānau referrals, school referrals with
    the consent of parents/caregivers 



Early intervention and prevention mental health services is recovery oriented, community based whānau approach to assessment, treatment and therapy for those experiencing mental health issues. Specific needs may be complex and include co-existing illness or issues and may require brief interventions for relapse and follow up.  This service is accessible and available for all members of the whānau inclusive of pēpi, tamariki, taiohi, pākeke and kaumātua.

Enquire about the service HERE

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