Ngā Kākano is committed to supporting rangatahi and helping them navigate health and other issues, in order to equip and support them to make positive decisions for the future they deserve.

The services are free and mobile, accessible to anybody aged under 18.


The Service provides:
•   Health education and awareness about alcohol and other drugs
•   Māori based activities
•   One on one awhi and manaakitanga
•   Alcohol and other drugs assessments as appropriate
•   Referrals to Residential services (if needed)
•   Support and more information for whānau
•   Support and more information for schools.

Service Aims:
Te Whakaoho o Te Mauri a Tamariki/Rangatahi is for tamariki/rangatahi who may be at risk of developing alcohol and other drug problems. We provide alcohol and drug education within a tikanga framework. This programme will empower tamariki and rangatahi (Youth) to:
•   Build identity and confidence
•   Understand whānau principles and values
•   Grow knowledge to increase positive development for safe and healthy lifestyle choices
    and behaviours.

Entry Criteria:
•   Age 10-25 years male/female
•   Have an alcohol or drug problem, or
•   Be at risk of developing alcohol and other drug problems

Transport is provided. Tamariki and rangatahi must be registered by caregivers/parents and have a
consent form.

Referrals from community, schools, whānau and other agencies are welcome.


This program is strength based and provides a holistic framework to support:
•   Mauri Ora (Māori identity, te reo Māori and wellbeing)
•   Waiora (protecting our environment)
•   Toiora (healthy lifestyles)
•   Te Oranga (the power of opening doors and participation) and
•   Ngā Manakura (leadership)
•   Te Mana Whakahaere (ownership and self-motivation).

The cultural activities strengthen resilience, stress-management, strategies to reduce anxiety, and behavioral issues. Te Hā o Te Tamaiti aims to nurture, identify and develop the aspirations of tamariki and rangatahi. The program is delivered every Wednesday after school from 3.30 – 4.30pm (during term). Parents and teachers will be notified of any changes that are made. Ngā Kākano provides transport to pick up and drop off.

Entry Criteria:
•   Age Groups are from 8 – 16 years male/female
•   Must be registered and have a consent signed form by parents/caregivers to attend
    the programme
•   Ngā Kākano will accept whānau referrals, school referrals with the consent
    of parents/caregivers


This service provides intensive support, as early as possible, for rangatahi (young people) who may be experiencing psychosis for the first time. This service can provide talking therapy, group work, medication, psychoeducation and whānau work. This is a free service available to rangatahi aged up to 20 years of age.

What is psychosis?
Psychosis describes a number of experiences or symptoms that happen together. These may include hearing voices, having jumbled thoughts, having frightening or unusual ideas and having too little (or too much) energy. Psychosis can also cause changes in mood and behaviour.

What you can expect if you use our service

We can help you work out whether you are experiencing psychosis. We do this by talking with you and (if possible) with your whānau or other people who know you well and asking questions about what has been happening. This early stage of talking is called an assessment. You can come to Ngā Kākano, or we can come to you.

If the assessment shows you are experiencing psychosis we can work with you to develop a treatment plan. You will start seeing us for regular appointments. We encourage you and your whānau to take part in developing the treatment plan.

If you are concerned about your teenager or friend, you can refer them and/or support them to request this service.


This service focuses on supporting and educating whānau so they understand what to do if their child has respiratory issues and when to seek additional help. The service is also available for all members of the whānau.

Our service provides education on:
•   What asthma/COPD is
•   Medications - what they do, and how to use them effectively
•  Trigger identification and management
•  Symptom monitoring
•   Managing an asthma emergency
•   Healthy lifestyles.

The Respiratory and Asthma Coordinator provides educational sessions and health checks at home, on the marae, preschools, workplaces, at Ngā Kākano or any other locations as required. It is a free service for you and your whānau.

There is priority for Māori and high needs clients who face barriers to receiving adequate service.

This is a free service available in Te Puke and surrounding areas as well as Murupara every Tuesday.


Living with diabetes can be confusing. There is a lot to learn and staying well may mean you need to make some lifestyle changes. This is an advanced nursing assessment and care planning service for all adults with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes. The service is designed to help you develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to keep well and reduce your risk of complications.

All clients receive assessments and care plans. There is priority for Māori and high needs clients who face barriers to receiving adequate service.

We provide health advice, nutrition and exercise support, and follow-up care at the home, marae, workplace or clinic; health promotion and information to enable people to self-manage their health; assistance with navigation of health services and ongoing monitoring of health parameters.

A podiatry clinic is also available at Ngā Kākano every Tuesday.

This free service is available in Te Puke and surrounding areas and Tuesday clinics are available in Murupara.


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